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Effective Pest Control Services

Cockroach Control Services

Cockroach Control Services

Sometimes Cockroaches becomes extremly abundant in homes, restaurents, Stores etc. They destroy or Contaminate food. They may leave an offensive odour, excretions on dishes & cooking utensils.

There are four types of Cockroaches

Brown Banded  |   German  |   American  |   Oriental Control

We will treat this problem using "Jel" as well as Spray treatment

Termite Control Services

Termites Control Services

There are 3 types of Termites

Subteranean  |    Dry Wood  |    MND

Subteranean termites can cause extensive damage to the wood work and other cellulose containing products stored in building or used in the construction of buildings. Usually they get the water they need to live from the soil where their colony is established. A termite colony comprises winged reproductive adults, mature workers, soliders & young. Each has specific duties to performed.

Control - Even one foot make the hole & put the chemicals & then seal it with white cement.

Borer Ants Control Services

borer ants control

Carpenter Ants, Powder Port Beetle attack the wood work of building & reduce the wood to a powder like condition. They bore holes directly into the wood & place their eggs in tunnels.

Control - This problem treat with injecting chemicals, Powder treatment as well as spray treatment.

Bed Bugs Control Services

Bed Bugs Control Services

They does not transit diseases although it is one of the more widly distributed of the Pararites that attack man. It hides in well protectes places it is difficult to eliminate from inferted quorter with such treatment. Bed bugs shrinks blood only.

Control - chemical spray as well as dust treatment.

Rats Control Services

Rats & Mice Control Services

Rats are very much nuisance to the factories, offices, Laboratories, Schools, Hotels etc. They torn important papers and damage lot of things. In the residence they bite also.

Control - Rat cages, Repellent method.

Lizard, Flies, Mosquitoes, Silver Fish Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

We treated this with Spray, Dust as well as Gum Pad or Glue Pad.

Spider Control Services

Spider control services

This will treated with spray method only.

Ants Control Services

ants control

This are mostly found in kitchen. Red ants or fire ants are nuisance for house wives. They make hole & make colonies inside the room

Pre Construction & Post Construction work


We do this work on purely scientific basis. In this way we do three steps. From Plinth level we work according to IS Specification.

Wood Treatment

wood-treatment pest Control Services

This called Ascu Chemical treatment. In the care of wooden pallets, wooden boxes etc. We have to give cold bath or hot bath treatment. Then we to treat wooden plank according to IS specification & give Certificate to factories, Architect, Interior Decorators, builders. We are doing this work from last 35 years.

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